Get to Know me

Hi, my name is Alayah!

I am a proud native of Winona, Minnesota. My journey into photography started with a simple belief that everyone deserves beautiful memories without breaking the bank. Growing up in this small town taught me to appreciate life's simple yet profound moments, and it's this appreciation that fuels my passion for freezing time through my lens. I'm not just a photographer; I'm on a mission to make photography accessible to all. So, keep scrolling, and let's dive into the story behind the pictures, as we create lasting memories together.

My photography style goes beyond capturing posed shots; I thrive on seeking out the non-candid moments and often-overlooked details that add depth and authenticity to your story. There's beauty in the unscripted, the fleeting glances, and the unnoticed details that collectively contribute to the narrative of your life. It's these genuine moments and subtle intricacies that I'm passionate about capturing, allowing you to relive the emotions and experiences that make your story uniquely yours.

"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us."

—Ralph Hattersley

My Love Story

Our love story began in the most unexpected at a gas station called Kwik Trip. Fate brought us together as he was assigned to train me at work, and little did we know that those initial interactions would blossom into a beautiful love story. From the very start, he showed me the true meaning of unconditional love and unwavering support. Our first date was an enchanting evening spent sitting by the river, immersed in heartfelt conversations that set the foundation for the deep connection we share. Each moment has been a testament to the genuine and profound love that continues to grow, making our journey together a true celebration of companionship and shared dreams.

I have taken classes for Event Planning & Travel Agent

I can help plan your event from start to finish


Favorite Place to visit?

Colorado ( mountains, lakes and forests, oh my! )

Favorite Music Genre?

Pop Music! But I like everything

Zodiac Sign?


Favorite Tv Show?

The Vampire Diaries

Hidden Talent?

Organization And Planning

Favorite Food?

Baked goods! Donuts and muffins are at the top of the list!

One of my big passions?

Music! I love to sing :)

What is a huge part of my life?

My family & My Boyfriend! They're my world

Dream Vacation?

Renting a camper van and driving around the USA!

Favorite Soda?

Root Beer

Do you deliver every photo that turns out good?

Yes, you shouldn't be limited on the photos you get! :)

Favorite Color?

Plum & Burgundy